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Al Romansiah Restaurants Win the Reward Of Ambassador of Path of Graceful Management.

Al Romansiah Restaurant achieved a huge honor in being selected as an Ambassador of the Path of Graceful Management from Al Mabade'a Al Arba'ah Company. This honor is given in recognition of the efforts of Al Romansiah in developing its production process to reflect its product’s better value to its customers.

The honor was delivered by the Chairman’s deputy, Mr. Yahya Al Moallem at a party held in Riyadh City on 9/12/2018 at the Four Season Hotel. He explained that this reward was a result of continuous teamwork over a 5 years period of production and operations and decreased the time taken to produce a meal to an average of 5 Minutes.

This methodology has been applied by the Toyota Company since 1988 at all its factories to achieve fast, high-quality products at a competitive price.

This system aimed to change the culture of organization, conduct and production processes, as it is centered in measuring production values from the perspective of the beneficiary in order to achieve continuous improvement.

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