About Us

Al Moallem Trading Group is a group that owns and operates a number of companies with diversified investment activities in several sectors


Food And Drink

Romansia Company

It is one of the most famous companies specialized in the field of Saudi food, which was able to transform Saudi food into an established industry

Shawees Company

A restaurant specializing in delicious food that fills the heart and the eye

On Off Company

A café that sells coffee, hot and cold drinks, and sweets

Mazameez Company

A company specializing in providing meals and nutritional drinks in a modern style while keeping up with customer aspirations



My Mart Company

It is one of the leading companies in the luxuries and various household supplies sector

Shona Company

The premier shopping destination



Lamina Company

It is a company specialized in manufacturing packaging materials


Real Estate

Al Moallem Real Estate

It is one of the group companies operating in the real estate investment and development sector
The group has a strategic plan through which it seeks to expand in various investment fields during the next stage
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